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We have 10 years of winning experience litigating against the largest international firms, personalized care and solutions as opposed to the one-size-fits-all approach that many large firms take. 

headquartered in southern california

We are a family owned law firm that is built on relationships

We are a family owned law firm
that is built on relationships

With many years of experience investigating, litigating, and negotiating high-stakes lawsuits, our attorneys have overcome some of the nation’s most formidable law firms, and sued some of the nation’s largest banks, corporations, and government entities.  

Our experience prosecuting marketplace giants has given us an eye for what the very best contracts, marketing practices, and legal protections look like and for where the most hidden and expensive legal risks often lie.  

And should your business need litigation defense, we are ready to take your case. Our many years of experience litigating against marketplace giants will allow us to bring sharp, sophisticated counsel and strategies to your high-stakes legal issues.  

We seek to provide a higher level of excellence, personal care and comfort to our clients as they come up against often some of the more emotionally intense times of their lives.

Managing Partners

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Gerilyn Harris is a managing partner at Harris LLP. Ms. Harris is an experienced litigator and trial attorney. Gerilyn has won and successfully settled a variety of civil and criminal cases for her clients, both at and before trial. She has carried multiple jury trials to successful verdicts.  

In family court, Gerilyn’s focus is compassionate justice. Her passion for protecting and helping parents and children drives every aspect of her practice. Gerilyn has handled and successfully resolved contentious custody disputes, financial disputes, and domestic violence cases. Her skilled, thoughtful and personalized approach to family issues has allowed her to obtain favorable results for numerous parents and their children, through court orders as well as settlements.  

David J. Harris Jr. is a managing partner of Harris LLP. He has more than a decade of experience investigating and prosecuting civil lawsuits against private corporations and government entities in a wide variety of business cases. David has achieved numerous, multimillion-dollar victories over some of the most formidable corporations and law firms in the United States, civilly prosecuting and negotiating with some of the nation’s largest banks, publicly traded companies, and government entities. These successes have taught David what the very best corporate contracts, commercial practices, and legal defenses look like, and where some of the most overlooked and expensive legal risks lie for consumer-facing businesses. With David’s extensive investigation and lawsuit experiences, he brings unique skills and perspectives to his clients, providing them with cost-contained solutions to otherwise uncontainable legal problems, before they arise. 

David J. Harris Jr.

Gerilyn Harris

Managing partner

Managing partner

When things fall apart at home, you need someone you can trust to support your best interests.

We are bridging the gap between the legal and the practical for everyday people.

We use the law to help other businesses thrive and hurdle obstacles when or before those obstacles arise. 



Harris LLP is a family owned Law Firm that is built on relationships. We have 10 years of winning experience litigating against the largest international firms, personalized care and solutions. 


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